Brand Surveys

Why measure your brand’s strength?

Strong brands generate more money. Whether it identifies a product or your entire organization, your brand promises your customer an experience– one they can’t get from your competition.

So just how strong is your brand?

The answer to this develops over time, so you need to track it regularly. Our brand surveys provide a picture of the brand's market position and develop proposals of measures to strengthen it. We tailor our brand surveys for each customer, but always include basic measures of brand strength, questions about brand benefits, measurements of the main competitors' strengths, and mark the relevant background issues. Regular monitoring ensures you have complete control over your brand’s development.

Here is a selection of questions that may arise:

Is there brand awareness (conscious or unconscious)? What do you know about the brand? What is the specific mark for? What products do you associate with this specific brand? To what extent do you perceive the brand to have keywords and brand essence?

The answers to these questions can help you take charge of your brand’s development.

Please contact us to learn more about increasing your profitability through market research.

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