Other studies

Other studies
Whether it’s figuring out what makes your sales force tick, or measuring the effect of your last advertising campaign, we help you get the answers you need to develop a more profitable organization.
The more data we have to analyze and process, the more accurate the results will be.

Here are some examples:

Sell-Attitude Surveys
How good is your sales force? What attitude, knowledge and performance factors do they have when they sell a product? How good are they in comparison with other best sellers?

Customer magazine study
Does the target group receive the magazine? Does the target group read the magazine and how often? What do they read in the publication? What do they consider most important (layout, image or text content)? What would the target group like to have more of? What would the target group like to change and develop?

Advertising impact studies (before and after the campaign)
Which ads work best? Where and how can the target group obtain information before buying? Has the target group seen the campaign, and in what type of media? What will the target group remember from the campaign? What influence and long-lasting impact has the campaign/activity given the target group?

Web pages and e-marketplaces
Which keywords do consumers search with? What are the main expectations and requirements that visitors have for the website? What type of information, exposure and content do consumers expect to find on the website? How do consumers feel about the layout and interface? How practical is the navigation and functionality? Does one experience speed and simplicity while using the website? Overall, how satisfied are consumers with e-commerce? What areas are the most important for improvement and development?

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