Customer satisfaction leads to profitability

Our studies have shown that the link between customer and employee satisfaction is linear. However, the relationship between these factors and profitability is exponential.

Do you have full control over how well you’re meeting your employees' or clients' needs? Do you know how well you’re performing in comparison to your competitors? Most companies don’t.

With the right information, you can harness the power of customer satisfaction to reach your business goals.

“How you meet a critical customer demand can decide – by just a few percentage points - whether you win a contract or come in second..."

"... The difference between knowing and not knowing could mean several million kronor for your business..."

Measurable effects on profitability

At Tradewell, we deliver measurable results so you can track your return on investment. The information from all conducted investigations is entered, analyzed and processed in IMPULS™ and then reported on a 5-point scale. For example, an organization with 100 million Swedish kronor in working capital could increase its CSI or ESI index to 0.1 on the 5-point scale. This company would see an increase in profits, on average, of 1 million kronor.

Please contact us to learn more about increasing your profitability through market research.

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