Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI)

Why measure customer satisfaction?

Happy customers make the best sales force because they tend to be loyal. They not only buy more from you, but they also tell their family, friends, and colleagues about you.

So just how happy are your customers?

You can’t afford to guess the answer. You need facts. You need to measure how satisfied your customers are – and you need to do so regularly. Our customer surveys generate a Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI). Our IMPULS™ system then monitors the Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) values online in real time and can break down the results for each customer group and time period, deducing trends and providing a priority improvement analysis. The results are clear and comprehensible, making it easy for you to address the business areas in need of improvement.

Here is a selection of questions that may arise:

What are the main expectations and requirements the customer may have? What strengths and weaknesses does the company have? How does the company function while it uses key factors and customer requirements? Which areas are the most important to help improve and develop the company/product? How high is the total satisfaction of customers?

The answers to these questions can help you make the right decisions towards improving your customer satisfaction and profitability.

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