Tradewell Field Department

You need reliable fieldworkers to carry out your surveys. Poorly executed interviews may not only result in false data, but also a tarnished relationship between a company and its customer.

When conducted properly, your market research interviews can give insightful information on a product or organization– and still be perceived as a positive experience by the respondent.

At Tradewell, we’ve been working with our own field team for over 20 years. We are committed to conduct your customer and brand surveys at the highest possible standards,  producing accurate answers and representing your company in the utmost professional way.

Skill-sets that get to the truth

For market research data to be useful the respondent must answer the survey questions as honestly as possible. So an effective fieldworker not only has to be professional and polite but also listen and adapt to the person they’re speaking to. He or she has to create an instant report so the respondent answers the questions with ease. A skillful interviewer also remains neutral throughout the questioning period so their own behavior won’t affect the respondent’s answers. At Tradewell we value these skills and continuously work to develop them in all of our fieldworkers.

Feedback loop gives highest ROI

All of our telephone interviewing is done according to CATI (computer assisted telephone interviewing) and we interact personally with all of our interviewers at our head office’s work stations. The set-up is maximized to provide feedback and training to our field staff on a continual basis ensuring the most professional and accurate service possible. We implement a real-time fieldwork system that helps us deliver the most accurate results and cost-efficient service by:

  • Monitoring field staff patterns and providing individuals instant feedback and regular training
  • Getting immediate feedback from interviewers about the surveys so necessary adjustments can be made in the early phases of a project.
  • Showing us the status of each researcher working on a project (number of ring trials, hit rate, and loss ratio). This tells us if will be able to reach the project’s target using the sample we have.

By incorporating this feedback loop, we constantly improve our interview methods and skills, ensuring the highest possible quality at all times.

Diverse team to match your needs

Fieldworkers play a crucial role in getting the most return on your market research investment. With a versatile field team, Tradewell has the flexibility to make the right match for your company and customer. We conduct surveys in 40 different languages, always by an interviewer who speaks the language fluently.
Our interviewers are both male and female, aged 20-65 with an average age around 40. Most have academic backgrounds and previous experience from the market research industry. And all exhibit the personality traits that make for an eager and effective interviewer.

Please contact us to learn more on how our field team can help you get the most out of your market research surveys.