From hard data to insightful information
Once your surveys are issued, how do you make sense of the results? This might seem a daunting task for any organization.

IMPULS™ is our web-based tool for analysis and presentation. It allows you to follow your key success factors while the research is being conducted. Regardless of the type of survey (CSI, ESI, BI or key business processes), you can – with the help of IMPULS – use the results to increase profitability at an early stage.

IMPULSE is a powerful, yet easy educational tool to use. Through a management dashboard, you get a comprehensive picture of your current overall performance in relation to your goals. In other words, the results identify your company’s most crucial improvement areas so you can act on them immediately. The tool can also be used to break the information down into subgroups so you get the specific information you need.

IMPULS™ reports results from the group level down to the unit level, and can even be broken down to individuals. Benchmarking is available as an add-on module for top-performing organizations that are market-leaders.

With our IMPULS™ tool, you will have a proactive role in using the results of our market research to increase your company’s profitability

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