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Customer - CSI International

"DIAB sets quality and service high on its agenda and a good way to measure if we are living up to what we believe in several areas of our company is to ask our customers.

Through investigation we also learn many other things that customers do not say to us directly, but come up through the use of an outside interviewer. Since we have many years of collaboration and results via Tradewell, it is easy to see in the analysis what our strengths are and what we need to improve on. "

Lars-Magnus Efraimsson, Marketing
DIAB Sales AB,


Customer - CSI ACL


"We don’t just get regular analyses on current situations and what clients think of us, but also on excellent analysis tool through which we can easily highlight the areas that hold potential for development.

The quality work we do reflects the course of the performance of the company. We belong to one of the industry's most profitable companies; together we raised our NKI to 4.21 in 2007. The improvement areas identified will contribute to positive development in our company and an even closer relationship with our customers."

Anders Ivarsson, Sales
ACL (Sweden) AB,


Employee Survey - ESI

Swedish Exhibition

The building has 46 meeting rooms that can accommodate a total of more than 8000 conference guests. The Congress Hall with its 1500 seats is the largest room. Overall, the company has 500 employees and annual sales of about 800 million kronor.

"For many years, the company has conducted annual staff surveys to get a picture of the working environment, job satisfaction, perception of our leadership (etc.) in the establishment. Three years ago, we chose Tradewell’s services for these tests and we have recently signed a new three-year contract with them.

We have chosen Tradewell for several reasons. They are geographically well placed which facilitates all types of contact and relationships. The measurements they use are reliable, good, and we have always noticed that Tradewells employees have been responsive, knowledgeable, reliable and accommodating.

Together we have worked out 44 issues that we think are important to our business and each year we have received advice and tips on how to tackle and work with the areas that need improvement.

We measure an annual ESI which has improved from 3.97 to 4.11 and now 4.24. Our long term goal is to reach 4.5. Several units within the company have already reached this goal but it is a tough collective goal to reach. We are however convinced that our long-term cooperation with Tradewell will be successful."

Per Arnevall, Human Resources
Svenska Mässan,

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