Translating research results into useful information

Tradewell’s concept is to conduct thorough market research that leads to increased profitability for your company. We use research techniques that identify and measure your most crucial improvement areas - so you can develop and train your employees accordingly.

When it comes to research, we tend to skip the annual “ad-hoc survey.” Instead we use effective measuring systems on a regular basis to monitor the development of your customer-, human-, and brand capital. We issue systematic surveys that generate a CSI (Customer Satisfaction Index), ESI (Employee Satisfaction Index) and BI (Brand Index) so you can track your improvement as you implement new changes. And we make it easy.

Using our self-developed web- and analysis tool IMPULS™, we produce customized reports. These provide continuous possibilities for online decision making at the country, region, group, business, and individual levels.

Survey results often point to a need for tailor-made consultancy and training. This is a need we’re well-equipped to meet with our network of some of Sweden’s best coaches and organizational consultants. Some examples of this include workshops, expert advice, leadership development, coaching, sales training, personal service, well-being at the workplace and logistics.

We’re a full-service provider of market research, reporting and coaching techniques - all designed to gradually strengthen your opportunities for increased profitability.

Please contact us to learn more about increasing your profitability through market research.

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